The Essential Guide to Toilet Training your Toddler When you Have a Baby

Toilet training a toddler when you have a baby


"Shhhh hang on honey, I am just putting the baby down for a sleep"

"Mum....I do wee wee."

"Wait have you done a wee or do you need to do one?"

"Now, Mummy I need a wee!"

There is nothing like the parenting juggle to keep you on your toes and wishing that you had an extra pair of hands. Having another baby can fill your heart to bursting, but can present some hair raising dilemmas that you never thought possible.

Toilet training a child or children when you have a baby can feel like a bit of a mission. When they first start going nappy free, kids will often wee and poo way more often. 

Unlike before when they would be happy to run around with a wet nappy and you would have to tell them it was time for a nappy change; now it is different.

Now if they gotta go, they gotta go. And waiting even two more minutes can result in a wee puddle.

Toilet training your child when you have a baby does have it's advantages. You are probably home more because the baby is sleeping and using the same toilets and potties in the initial stages of toilet training can be really beneficial. 

Here are some great ideas to help make this process easier for you and your little people.

1. Take your time

If you are lacking sleep and the baby is really unsettled don't feel under pressure to start toilet training your toddler. Kids take time to adjust to the idea of a new sibling and toilet training too close to the baby being born can result in monumental meltdowns and temper tantrums.

Don't feel guilty or compare your child's progress with their daycare or coffee group friends. Your child will get there in their own time.

2. Tag team

Start toilet training with a support person for at least the first 2 days. It allows you to devote more time to your child while the other person can look after the baby; or vice versa. Sometimes your child will suddenly feel the urge to wee with very little warning and it can be at the most inconvenient time when you are trying to feed or nappy change the baby. Enter partner, family member or close friend who can step in and help your child to get their wees in the potty/loo not on your carpet.

This will also mean that you can go out and have a walk or coffee while the baby is sleeping safe in the knowledge that your support person is on hand to look after the toilet training kid.

Toilet training can be a really emotional process for us as parents so having another adult to vent frustration or share the joy with can be so reassuring.

3. Get a plan

You will undoubtedly feel more relaxed and calm with toilet training when you have thought through the different scenarios. 

What will I do if..... child has a wee or poo accident

....the baby has a grumpy day and screams when I am trying to help the toddler with toileting

....I am trying to settle the baby but my older child needs to pee feel so angry because your child is having a massive melt down about using the toilet when you know they need to go.

Where is somewhere safe that you can put the baby while you are dealing with cleaning the toddler or their wee puddles?

I found it great to have the baby asleep in the buggy in the lounge so I could easily have my hands free if I needed to help their older sibling in the loo. Or if your baby is clingy or grumpy use a front pack or wrap so you are hands free.

If your baby is sensitive to sounds while sleeping encourage your older child to use the toilet away from the nursery or even better use the potty.

Make toilet training a game and make it fun. Your child will embrace the change if they feel that they are learning through play. Getting a game delivered to their house with their name on it can be such a great spring board to start the toilet training journey. This game is awesome click HERE

Toilet training kids game

4. Go with extra absorb underwear

When you are super busy or going out some where it can be really tempting to put your older child back in to nappies. But this can lengthen the toilet training process by causing regression, where your child will start doing a wee or poo in their nappy like old times. That's where at Looloo we have designed Wee Pants to absorb wee accidents and help your child feel the wees close to their skin. Check them out HERE

Putting your child in absorbent underwear also helps avoid wee puddles that your crawling baby will be drawn to.

Wee Pants absorbent underwear

 For more great ideas to help with toilet training join our 5 day getting started challenge. Everything you need to know to prepare the platform for your child to fly. click HERE 

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