Toilet training boys with out the wee puddles on the floor

Toilet cleaning get rid of urine smells

Your friend has come over for a coffee or wine and pops down the hall way to nip to the loo. You gulp and apologise as you realise that your son has left the toilet room looking like a smelly, yellow sprinkler has gone off. 

The days of having to tip toe through the yellow drips on the floor to sit on your own toilet, are over.

Getting the wee smell off the floor of the toilet can be challenging. With two boys of my own - I totally get it.

Here's my 3 top tips for helping boys with their aiming and what to do if the wees end up marinading in your lino or tiles.

1. Sit down Mr

I recommend that boys sit down to wee when they first start toilet training. This reduces the variables and means one less thing you need to worry about. The added bonus is that they generally master poos on the loo quicker too.

This book is a great one to read to your little boy to model the process for him. Find it HERE

2. Ready, aim....

The old ping pong ball in the toilet water doesn't work for lots of people because it flushes through the pipes - not ideal. With a $6 sticker you can get your kid aiming like a pro. When the wees hit the sticker a character appears. Look at the different designs HERE 


3.  Getting rid of urine smell on the toilet floor

I stumbled over this article from the NZ Herald and was a bit sceptical. But after giving it a go I found it totally worked. 

I squirted a can of shaving cream on the floor and sides of the toilet, smoothed it out wearing my rubber gloves to make sure all the surface was evenly covered. Then left it for two hours. I used a fish slice to scrape up the foam, put it in a bucket and then washed it to remove the foam. 

Once dry it smelt - like nothing. PERFECT

Keep your toilet cleaner with Weepals toilet aiming stickers HERE