Toilet Learning: Getting Started Guide

Toilet learning is on the horizon for your little person and we know what you are probably thinking....

how do we get this stage over and done with, with the least amount of poo accidents in their undies...?

Here's some tips from Laura, our parenting coach, to help get you started:

1. Start at a good time

The more of these signs of readiness you can tick off the better. Remember that your child will be ready to learn to use the loo at a different time to other people's kids so don't get drawn into the comparison trap.

Signs of readiness for toilet training

2. Set the platform for them to fly

There are normally 3 phases that most kids go through when learning to use the loo instead of the nappy. Phase 1 is the preparation phase. Here's some awesome ideas for you to start using a home a few weeks before they go nappy free full time.


3. Releasing wees on the toilet or potty

Assume the wee position

By encouraging your child to have their knees apart the muscles will open and be more relaxed to help your child to do a wee.

Feet flat and grounded on a step stool helps them to feel more secure and relaxed.

It is preferable to encourage boys to sit down when they are first learning to use the loo as it takes out the variable of having to aim. He will let you know when he is ready to start standing up to pee.

Release the wee muscles

Relax and blow is this motion that helps release the muscles. Getting your child to blow a balloon or bubbles are not only about making the toilet a more fun place to visit but they also help your child to release wees.

Water has magical power

If you have ever tried to hold on to wees while listening to the sound of running water, or you have found your child peeing in the bath - you will know the magical power that water has. It is very difficult to hold a full bladder when you are in or are listening to running water.

Having a bowl of warm water with marbles to pick out of the bottom can be a great activity for your child to do when they are sitting waiting to do the business.

Put the potty out while the bath water is running.

Wash your hands while they are sitting on the loo.

And watch the magic happen!



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