Toddler Talk: Developing Learning & Language at Home

Speech language therapy baby and toddler


Have you ever played the "guess what my child is wanting game?" 

They point at something because they want it and you can't work out what it is and before you know if they have descended into a category 10 tantrum. 

The frustration that our little people can experience with not being able to express their needs or wants can be next level stressful.

Today, I'm so excited to be chatting with Hallie Pearson. She's a Mum and speech-language therapist based in Otago. 

Hallie shared communication strategies that work well when talking to a baby under 1. She recommends if you want to start using sign language try Makaton

Hallie explains how to develop toddler language from single words to phrases. She shares some great advice about dummy use during the day. She gives ideas for you to try next time if you find your toddler is getting frustrated when they can't communicate what they need or want. 

I know there can be a lot of worry about whether our kids are keeping up when it comes to their language development, so Hallie and I chatted about how to know if we should ask for help from a speech-language therapist.

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