Tips for Parenting Newborns

Trish Martin podcast episode 12
My guest today is Trish Martin who is a newborn consultant and baby coach. Trish works with families in the 4th trimester. She's the author of the book 'Simple Steps to Better Sleep'.
Her superpower is to help Mums to lean into their parenting intuition and stop second-guessing themselves. She shows Mums how they can be more relaxed, get more sleep and have a settled baby.
In this parenting chat we discuss:
1. What to expect for the first few weeks of having a newborn.
2. How to know if bubs is hungry or tired.
3. What to do if bubs sleeps really well during the day but is up all night. 
4. How to help a baby who does 30-minute cat naps.
5. Is it ok to introduce a dummy with a super grizzly baby
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