The Wee Pants Story: How they are created

When I toilet trained my kids there were heaps of undies on the market but most that said they were "absorbent" or "waterproof" were not. In fact, they leaked like a sieve. 

As a parenting coach, more and more parents would come to me saying how they had started their kids toilet training at home in undies. But when they put their kids in to pull ups or nappy pants to go out to daycare or in the car, their child would start to wee in the them. 

Not just that, when they got home they didn't want to take off the disposables and return to undies. Essentially they were back at square one on the toilet training journey.

I gathered up all my courage and made some Wee Pants to solve the problem. I just knew there could be undies that were more absorbent that would save us money on buying disposables. The first ones I designed were made of waterproof outer and a running singlet inner type material. They were really good but I felt they needed to be softer and more stretchy to fit a wide range of children. I also wanted to add more cotton to them and more natural fabrics.

It was totally blown away when I got 300 responses from parents when I put out a survey to find out if anyone could help give me ideas for the types of designs that they wanted. 300 Mums that cared enough to take the time to have input in the journey and help me make undies that their kids would actually want to wear. 

It took me so long to go through the process of designing and perfecting the prototypes that I didn't launch them until late autumn early winter. But what happened next could not have been better.

In 3 months the first shipment had almost completely sold out. This was about 1 years worth of underwear sold in 3 months. What a roller coaster! I felt really stressed that I had to get some more made and designed quickly. 

So I thought this time I would share the journey of designing my spring collection.

With this collection, I had a clear idea of what themes I needed because so many parents in our private FB group voted and gave me feedback.

I really enjoy the collaborative process. At the end of the day, I am making undies that kids want to wear and parents are the best people to ask. In this case dinosaurs, animals and pink undies were the most commonly requested undies. 

Then I sent the design brief to Isabella. In my winter collection she helped design the foxes on the outside of the wet bag and is an animal lover. I love the idea of kids designing for kids so in this range I really wanted to explore this. 

Designing Wee Pants

Then my lovely fabric designer Kate from Titanium Design, took Bella's sketches  and put them onto the computer as a repeating pattern.

 Kate Hindson designer

When I saw the document finally appear in my inbox, I felt nervous anticipation. I couldn't wait to see what they had come up with.

Choosing the colours and the designs is sooo important because I want to make something really special. Undies are such a great opportunity to have a lot of fun with the colours and designs. In this range, I tried to cater for lots of different kids - those who like the plain, muted tones and those who love bright and bold colours.

I think if you can pick a theme that kids love then they will feel more confident with facing the change of wearing undies instead of nappies. For some kids, it can feel like a big step and my aim is to help kids to make a smooth transition out of nappies.

Once I had chosen the design I choose the back ground colour of the undies. They sent me about 200 choices of colours which was a bit overwhelming.

Colours of Wee Pants

Then I send it off to the sewing team. They are incredibly skilled at making these Wee Pants. I specifically chose this team because of their skill in sewing  absorbent and waterproof materials. 

They printed the fabric to show me what it was going to look like to decide if I wanted to change any of the colours of the fabrics. As soon as I opened the parcel I knew I didn't want to change a thing. They look perfect!

Pull ups zoo animals

Then it's a waiting game for them to make them. That's the part I'm not very good at - patience is a virtue as they say. But I don't like the idea of making my customers wait so it was a painful waiting process. 

My talented brother in law Ross made this adorable video to show kids having adventures in Wee Pants from the winter collection. I will be having some of these in the spring drop as well as another 4 new designs. I truly do believe that my spring collection has been a team effort.  

I find it really stressful making decisions on my own and at the end of the day I know that the buck stops with me. When I get customers tell me that their friends told them they should buy some Wee pants that it truly is the biggest endorsement. 

I have put some much time and effort in to creating these for you and I really hope that you love them!

So if you are wondering where to find these beauties then they will be around in September click HERE

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