The Designs are In

I am terrible when it comes to deciding on creative things. I know what I like when I see it but find it really hard to describe. So when an email arrived from my Wee Pants fabric designers, Kate and Suzy, I felt really nervous.

What would I say if they are terrible?

What if I like them but no one else does?

What if they just don't get it and create designs that look like cheap knock offs?

I put myself out of my misery and clicked "open"

and held my breath....

I LOVED them and felt so relieved that they had come up with something that looks so flippin' awesome.

So be honest...yay or neigh - which ones do you love? Join our private FB group to have your say click HERE to find us

 Wee Pants Designs

Next week we are getting the samples in real life. It would be great to have some kids sized 2-4 to give them the consumer test.

Introducing "Day in the Life of..." where 6 lucky children get to have their own pair of Wee Pants to enjoy.

Then provide 5 photos or a 30 second video to let us know what your child got up to in their Wee Pants. Include a caption about what they like about Wee Pants and what you like about them.

You are welcome to share them on your Facebook and Instagram pages. We would love to share them on the Looloo FB and Instagram pages.

If you're keen to give them a go:

Email to 

+ Your child's clothing size (only size 2, 3 or 4 available)

+ A photo of your child

+ The top 2 designs that you love the most (Tractors & Trucks, Emergency Retro Vehicles, Unicorn Love, Hound Dog)

I will announce the kids who have won on 18 February in the pre party group click HERE to join.

Wee Pants Family Search

Thank you for joining me on the journey to design the most comfy and practical undies for 2-4 year olds in New Zealand and Australia.

In case you haven't heard, in a nut shell Wee Pants are padded undies that absorb wee accidents. The bamboo padding helps your child feel wet and give them a bit of extra time to get to the toilet when they feel the wees starting to come out.

Last week, I shared all about the Wet Bag that the Wee Pants go into check it out hereWet bag with Wee Pants


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