Starting Solids with your Baby

Starting Solids


Gina has 4 beautiful children and she combines her experience as a Mum along with her background in nutritional medicine and nursing to help other Mums to nurture themselves and their children. She's the author of the book Tiny Human: What do I feed you? 

I'm excited to welcome Gina onto the podcast today to talk to us about how to introduce solids to our babies and how to set them up with a healthy start to life, fueling them with wholesome food. 
Today we chat about:
+ Choosing the right time to start introducing solids
+ Baby-led weaning and is it better to start than spoon-feeding
+ How to set them up for the first solids feed and the types of foods to introduce
+ Common mistakes to avoid when starting solids with your baby
Gina's ebook Tiny Human: What do I feed you?

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