Should I get my child to watch TV or ipad while on the potty or toilet?

I'm not gonna lie, toilet training can start off feeling like this novel cool thing that our kids want to try. But when you can't get them to stay on the potty or toilet long enough to do something on it...

Or the ugly cry tantrums start rearing their head...

It can be EXTREMELY tempting to give in to their demands and help them calm down by watching something on the smartphone, tablet or TV while sitting on the potty.

In the short term, it can feel easier to give your kids some screen time, they sit still and watch and stay on the potty/toilet for ages.

But in the long term, they start associating potty time with screen time. 

Sooner or later (preferably sooner) kids need to learn to sit on the toilet and do wees on it without any technology. Weaning them off the need to watch something each time they visit the loo can result in tantrums and tears (not just from the little person).

Reading a story such as Sophia and Mason Learn to Use the Loo or having them role play with a toilet training doll can be a great alternative to having to use screen time.

It is all about making potty visits feel more fun while getting them to concentrate on releasing the muscles to do a wee instead of being distracted and sitting for ages. 

If you currently use technology such as smartphone and ipad with your child during the day, then during their usual tech time help to introduce the language and model the process using stories. For more great ideas join our free private Facebook group click HERE

Here's two from Toddler Fun Learning:



 Here's a song you could play to your child. I would recommend that you don't have your child look at the screen while sitting on the loo so put the device somewhere on the windowsill close by so they can hear the music and go through the instructions. You can find it over at Super Simple Songs 

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