One Piece of Parenting Advice You Should Know BEFORE You Start Toilet Training


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I met a lady at Mary's Market on Saturday and she chatted with me all about toilet training. At the end of the conversation, she stopped and paused for a while then looked at me saying...

It's so nice to meet someone who is not pushy about toilet training. Someone who listens and really wants to work with me, without preaching about forcing children to use the loo and making it really stressful.

It reminded me of the saying - people won't remember what you said to them but they will remember how you made them feel.

I smiled back and said thank you. I want to be one of those people who leave a conversation feeling lighter about my parenting. Feeling confident, empowered and positive.

Parenting is hard enough as it is without having the judgment of others. And being overly pushy in sharing advice when sometimes we just want someone to listen. Not feel like they have to fix everything - just listen deeply.

Let's face it, everyone has passionate, strong opinions & emotions around toilet training.

But today I want to pass on some great advice that parents in my private FB group shared. I asked them what is one piece of advice you wished someone had told you before you started toilet training...

"Bear in mind your child has a personality and everything you do has to work in with who they are!" Shelley
"It can feel like it’s never going to happen and they are just not getting it! Be positive and patient and it will finally click, when it does you will be so proud of your little person that the stress (and mess) will be well worth it! Every accident is a step in the learning process!" Amy
"Roll with it. Let them take the lead. No rush, no panic. There are worse things to worry about that wees and poos. Remember you have a sense of humour, have fun they will get there eventually." Sam


"That each and every part of the toileting process is a skill that needs practice. Not just the physical release into a toilet or potty but also learning what that sensation to go feels like." Susan


"Let them lead! If they are not ready, they are not ready! Be positive towards it in every aspect and never punish accidents!" Becky
"Have a chat with daycare before you start to find out how they help with your child’s toileting needs while they are learning. We are lucky in that ours will deal with as many accidents as there are spare clothes in their bag, but I know of some that have a 3 accidents = nappy policy, or even less. Having a chat with them before you start will help you tackle the journey in a way that best sets your child up for success at home and at daycare, as you don’t want to have to restart the training every day they are at home." Alana
"Be patient! It will eventually click and happen. And remember that it's a once in a lifetime thing. Once they've learned how to do it they'll have it forever." Rachelle
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