My "Why" with Cloth Nappies

“The Auckland Council has found that disposable nappies make up to around 11-14 percent of the domestic waste stream.” -Newshub September 2019. 

The average child in NZ will wear 4K worth of disposable nappies by the time they are 2 1/2 years of age. 

If every child wears about 5000 nappies that take 300-500 years to break down in the landfill - we have a problem. 

When I hear these statistics I ask - can my family realistically do, when the problem is so great?

But what I know is that the little decisions we make each day have a massive impact when we work together. 

I have had a revelation - with the whole cloth nappy thing, it doesn't have to be all or nothing. As a parent we can choose to use 1 cloth nappy on our child. Changing and washing it doesn't have to feel like a complicated or overwhelming process.

Let's be clear it's a pretty simple thing - the only difference between a cloth nappy and disposable is that your child wears it, you tip the poo in the loo, and instead of putting the nappy in the stinky wheely bin, you throw it in the washing machine.

So here goes - I've decided to be part of the solution and I would love it if you could help me. 

If your child wears disposable nappies I want you to know that there is no judgement from me. When my kids were little, they wore disposables. I think there is enough guilt around parenting out there in the world, where we "should" be doing this and that. I meet parents every day who are trying their best to bring up amazing little people. And am in awe of their dedication and tenacity. I think parenting is by far the most difficult thing I have embarked on so far.

But I don't think the choice to have your child in cloth nappies needs to be an all or nothing situation. I think we should have a choice. We could make a simple change by:

+ putting your child in cloth nappies when at home

+ putting your child in cloth at 1 nappy change each day

+ using cloth nappies in the weekend

I'm want to start a revolution. Where cloth nappies are no longer seen as something for a small number of families. But they become mainstream where every child in NZ wears a modern cloth nappy at least once a day. That becomes the norm. 

As you may know I've spent several years refining my Wee Pants toilet training undies but now I'm ready to design nappies that help babies. Save money for families as well as saving the environment.

I've decided to call them Sassy Pants Nappies - what do you think? Bex from Hello Brand made me this logo which I am in love with.

Sassy Pants nappies logo

Sassy means lively, bold, and full of spirit; cheeky. I think that sums up nicely....

So how can you get involved? I would love it if you could join this group and give me some feedback to get this project off the ground. I want to make nappies that you and your child love and I would so appreciate your help to make it happen. 

If you are reading this before 28 October then feel free to click here to fill out the survey



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