Moving from a cot to a big kid bed

Moving from cot to bed


 Have you had a conversation with your child knowing that what you say and what is likely to happen are two completely different things?

That was me.

It was bedtime for my toddler. I had done the usual 3 stories, did our prayers and said "have a lovely sleep, I'll see you in the morning".

But actually, I knew that I was probably going to see my child again within 5 minutes.


Because it was their first night in their big kid bed. The cot was gone and with it the ability to keep them in one place. Would they get the taste of freedom and wander the house at any time?

I tiptoed out of the room and waited...

This episode of the podcast is specifically designed for you if your kid currently sleeps in a cot.

Cara is the director of Good Night Sleep Tight Sleep Solutions as is a certified infant sleep consultant and has an online store called Shop Snooze which she started in 2020.

She is a trained primary school teacher and Mum to 2 preschoolers. I am so grateful to have her on the podcast today because I know that moving our kids out of a cot and into a big kid bed can feel like uncharted territory. Today she's going to share her top tips for parents to support their kids to make this milestone feel easier.

Find Cara at her store here In this episode we discuss the Ooly sleep clock






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