Making Tasty and Nutritious Baby Food



Chicken liver, beetroot and pear - who would have thought that Tammy's baby would love this flavour combo! 

In this parenting podcast chat, Tammy and I chatted about how easy it is to make baby food using everyday ingredients that are currently in your fridge.

There are so many families who are looking to save money on their weekly food bill right now. Making your own baby food means you can save money, create less wastage with packaging and you know exactly what is in each mouthful of food.

Put the different food that you have made into a cube tray and keep in a labelled bag so you can grab out the food when you need it without feeling that you have prepare a meal for your baby every meal from scratch.

Try using vegetables rather than fruit so they get used to different vege flavours before you introduce the sweet stuff. 

Choose a time when your baby is feeling settled and happy to introduce solids. Have a time of the day where you are feeling relaxed and have the time to sit with your baby as your introduce each new food to them.

Alot of people don't want to start solids because of the mess. If you have a good bib that covers their clothes that helps to make it more manageable. Give them something that they hold onto while you are feeding them so they don't keep grabbing the spoon off you while you are trying to shovel food into their mouth.

Get started with solids with these awesome goodies for your baby: bibs, fresh food feeders and silicone bowls

Sleeved baby bibs

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