Making Christmas Memories with your Kid(s)

Christmas podcast


Ok confession time. I haven't done Elf on the Shelf with my kids. I know I probably should but I also know that December is a blur and I don't want to set up a tradition that adds another layer of stress that I don't need. 

In this podcast, Tammy and I discuss how to make Christmas memorable for your family without it feeling overwhelming.

Here's our top tips for setting up kids for success so they don't lose the plot on Christmas day:

+ Do the thinking ahead of time: Christmas outfit, plan menu, how to get bubs to sleep

+ Cook ahead of time

+ Try not to host Christmas with large groups of extended family coming over if you know it's going to be overwhelming

+ Make sure your child(ren) have a good sleep on Christmas eve

+ If you are traveling to different family parties on Christmas day plan ahead of time to travel during your child's sleep time 

+ Shop now and wrap later. So it's less stressful in the few weeks before Christmas.

Here's our top pics for Christmas 2021: Looloo Christmas guide

Need - nappy, wet bag, towel

Want - Toys or theme puzzles

Wear - Beau Hudson Undies, swim vest and swim nappy

Read - Potty books

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