Here's Lauren's Cloth Nappy Routine

Washing cloth nappies

My routine varies depending on whether it’s “main wash” day or not. Today isn’t, so I do my prewash first thing in the morning to include Freya’s night nappy- a hot wash helps get those extra full nappies clean!

 how to use a cloth nappy

Next up, stuffing the nappies that were on the line yesterday. Normally I do this in the evening with a glass of wine but was too lazy yesterday! I use a bamboo insert under a microfibre insert, which typically lasts me 4 hours.

cloth stash

Love a good nappy stack!

Bloom cloth nappy

Bloom nappy was first up today!

Nappy change

Time for a change- an 18 month old is not the ideal model for a nappy shot! Off with the bloom...

nappy change

On with the wild thing (aptly named for this one!) this print is my current favourite!

Cleaning nappies

Instead of taking the nappy to the bin, I take it to the laundry- whip the inserts out and throw them in my dry pail. Easy!

Washing basket

My dry pail- I have 2 of these, one for dirty and one for pre-washed nappies. My laundry is tiny so my dry pails are up high on a shelf and are just small ones from the supermarket. Ideally they’d be a bit bigger and airier for better airflow. 


Nappy number 3 for the day- autumn blush. As you can see I’ve got a real wriggler, and these nappies are SO quick and easy to put on!

Night time nappy

Finally- post bath (look at those curls!) and Wild Thing on for night time. Freya’s recently starting wetting more at night so I’ve upped the absorbency to 2 bamboo and 1 hemp insert which works a treat!"

Thanks heaps Lauren for sharing what your day looks like. 

Lauren does nappy demos and shares about her Mum adventures over on Instagram @lauren_and_freya

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