Kids Designing for Kids

Wetbags are now here....Here is a sneak peak.

As a teacher and mother and I love watching raw talent. You know when you can see a young person who has such a passion for something it is so inspiring! For Isabella it is art.

Isabella Hindson designer of Wetbag

"Hi! My name is Isabella Hindson, I'm 13 years old, and I love to draw. I spend most of the day in our art studio, drawing mostly animals. I particularly like to draw dogs, horses and foxes, like the ones that I did for the Wee Pants Dry Bag.

I was inspired to draw them after seeing other people's designs of foxes in different poses. My preferred method of drawing, is to sketch in pencil first, and then outline, before I either watercolour, or colour with pencils or pens. I hope you like my design, and enjoy Laura's product."

She heard I needed some animal pictures for the Wee Pants Wetbag that I had been designing.

Foxes and wolf designs

One day in my inbox appeared a wonderful design that I totally fell in love with. I couldn't resist bringing the foxes to life. Wee Pants wetbag

My idea behind the wetbag is that you keep Wee Pants, undie liners, wet wipes and a change of clothes in there. If you are out and about and your child has a wee in their pants you can grab the wet bag out of the car or their back pack and...

BOOM - you have everything you need to make a quick change while out and about.

There is even a clever strap with button so you can put the wetbag on the side of the backpack ready to take home and clean the contents.

It is not only way better for the environment because we are reducing the need for single use plastic bags. But is also looks adorable. 

So now I have kids designing stuff for kids which I find soooo exciting.

We hope your child loves it!

If your child would love to send me a picture of their favourite designs to put on the next Wet Bag or Wee Pants then email me at

Wet bag fox designer

Click HERE to view the video that I did in our private FB group showing you