How to Make this Christmas The Most Special Ever

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Do you remember your first ever Christmas present? Your second, fact what is the first Christmas present that you remember receiving?

It's really easy to step through the doors of Kmart and go 'wow' look at all this cool stuff that I could give my kid. Or trawl through the internet looking at the latest kid toy that everyone is raving about.

But will your child remember it? 

For a 1-3 year old, the best gift you can give is actually to be present with them. Parenting is more than just moving an elf and putting it on the shelf each night, it's not about the colour co-ordinated wrapped presents under the tree.

It's about the daily messages we give to our kids - you are valued, you have my attention, you are the one that gives me joy. 

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It can be really hard to cut through the marketing hype of Christmas and come back to what is important. The quality time that you give your child that shows them - regardless of how I feel - I am here for you.

I don't remember looking back and saying well we had nice things and that's what made my childhood a happy one. I don't remember a single present that my Mummy bought for me when I was under 5 years old.

I do remember the family time we spent together, the memories of beach trips and fishing and baking....

My Mum gave up a lot to spend time with me and my siblings. She taught me it is better to give than receive. She died of cancer 5 years ago and the photos and memories of our strong bond are all I have to remember her by.

I really hope that my children will have amazing memories - the time spent crowded around the dining table talking about their day, the times out at the beach, the times when we were snuggled on the couch reading books.

So my question to leave you with today is actually not - what is your need, want, read or wear presents for your child this year.

It's about how are you talking to your child today? How are you showing up for them?

Are you giving them your best self or are you just saving the polite and happy version of you for your Instagram/FB posts and your work colleagues???

Not because I want you to feel guilty but because I want you to know that being the parent you want to be is not about shopping and a fancy grazing table at Christmas parties.

It's about you being the place which your child will run to. It's about them becoming well balanced and happy humans. It's about them forming attachments with someone that shows them what healthy relationships are made of. So when they grow up and have their own kids they'll look back and smile at their childhood memories.

Laura xoxo 

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