How many cloth nappies do I need?

Here at Sassy Pants HQ we like to say “No rules, no guilt, no regrets”! This means that if you use one of our reusable nappies once a week, once a day, part time or full time, you are making a massive difference in so many ways.

Not only are you supporting a small New Zealand business and the Mamas that work behind the scenes to create Sassy Pants, you're saving the environment and saving money all at the same time. 

Sassy Pants nappy stack

Every baby is different and the phases and stages that babies go through are changing constantly so you will find that your nappy needs may change constantly as well and that is okay - no rules, no guilt, no regrets, remember? 

Sassy Pants Full Time (day and night) 

I recommend you have between 20-25 nappies. This allows about an average of 6 nappies a day, washing every second day and allowing you time to wash and stuff the nappies.

In summer, you will usually only need one day to dry your nappies if you get them out in the sun first thing in the morning. In winter you will probably need that extra day if you don't want to use the drier for your booster pads. 

When using Sassy Pants full time, I also recommend having a range of microfibre, bamboo and hemp boosters and you will find with some trial and error that some combinations will work better for your baby at different times of the day than others. Hemp boosters are great for night time and longer periods between nappy changes as they are a very thirsty fabric. 

Cloth nappies stack

Sassy Pants during the day & disposable at night

Having 10-12 nappies would be a great start. This allows about an average of 5 nappies per day, washing every second day and allowing the nappies two days to dry completely. If you find that your baby is a heavy wetter, or you would rather use natural fibres, then you may prefer to use the hemp booters, otherwise for daytime use, a combination of microfibre and bamboo is great. 

As I have mentioned above, even using one Sassy Pant nappy a day instead of a disposable is awesome. We often find that once people start using reusable nappies, they love it so much that they end up converting to using Sassy Pants during the day or even convert to full time cloth nappy use.

As always, the team at Sassy Pants HQ are happy to help you with any questions that may arise during your reusable nappy journey and are passionate about making this journey as fun and simple for you as possible. Book a free chat here


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