How Jacqui uses Sassy Pants with her 5 month old baby

Cloth nappy demo with 5 month old

People keep say to us how much easier cloth nappies are to use than they thought, so we asked Jacqui Burr to share what her day looks like when using cloth nappies with her baby.

"The sassy pants nappies give the perfect fit due to the velcro and we have never had any leaks!  

velcro nappy

I always use the two-finger rule and make sure there is just enough room for two fingers down the front. 

getting the right fit

They also aren’t as bulky as other brands and I find Willa's clothes fit in her normal size and I never need to upsize.

Wild Thing nappies

Willa is in normal clothes with her sassy pants nappies underneath for reference!

Baby Willa

 Jacqui's Wash Routine

Bloom nappy 

Jacqui's nappy washing

As I’m finished with a nappy I give them a quick rinse in warm water and rinse off any poop, then put them into a ‘rinsed’ basket.

washing cloth nappies

nappies in the washing machine

 And make sure to stick the tabs closed!

I tend to put them on at night then hang them out in the sun in the morning and leave them out for the full day to help kill any germs.

nappies drying on the line

Once the nappies are dry I stuff them. 

stuffing nappies

Due to Willa being a heavy wetter I like to use 1x bamboo and 1x hemp booster pad and find this works really well for us!

Sassy Pants and boosters

Stuff the nappies

We don’t tend to use liners often, I kind of know when Willa is due to poo, so will pop a bamboo disposal liner in then. 

folding and snapping nappies

 All ready to Willa to wear again."

 nappy stack

Thank you so much for showing us your cloth routine. You can find Jacqui and Willa at @becomingtheburrs on Instagram

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