Drying Sassy Pants in Winter

Living in New Zealand is truly beautiful. The wide open spaces and beautiful green parks, paddocks and wide open spaces. But in winter it can mean we get rain daily.

So how do you dry your nappies quickly even when the weather is damp and cold? Here's our top tips:

1. The nappy shells are very fast drying and made of material that can not go in the dryer. So pop them inside, a mimimum of a metre from the fireplace while inner material facing out and leave them overnight to dry. 

2. Our Sassy Pants inserts all have natural fibres in them which means they are super thirsty. We have deliberately designed them to not be too thick so they are easier to dry over the winter months.

We suggest you line dry the absorbent booster pads either under the car port, under the shelter of the deck, on a clothes horse in the spare room or on these cool hangers Then if they are a bit damp pop them on the heated towel rail, in the hot water cupboard or in the dryer.

Drying cloth nappies

3. So how do you dry your Sassy Pants quickly? We asked our online community for their tips and hacks to use cloth nappies over winter.

"We either use the dryer - or if we have the fire going all the inserts go on the clothes horse to dry. Then finish off in the dryer. Shells get hung up on the sock hangers in the laundry in front of the window." Rachelle

"I have a concertina airer from Kmart by the fire (safe distance over a m away), I also have another normal airer outside on the deck for those sunny/windy and non rainy days. If my inserts dry too slow I put them in our hot water cupboard for overnight to finish off." Coral

"I’ll put the drying horse next to the fireplace and it’ll be dry overnight.
I’ve build up my stash so just hang them on drying horse and put them in the spare room and allow them to dry (2 days) and it’s all dry." Alida
"Outside in the sun where possible and then inside to finish off - but we're lucky to have a good undercover area for washing hanging" Sarah
"When I was on maternity leave, I’d line dry them - in the wind (and absence of rain) they’d be dry in a few hours. Now I’m back at work full time I’ve bought a heat pump dryer! Inserts in the dryer, shells on the drying rack, finish them off in the hot water cupboard. Was previously a staunch non-dryer advocate, but you’ve got to do what you’ve got to do!" Lynelle
"I’ve yet to figure out because it’s our first winter with nappies but we have a covered in clothes line on our deck so I don’t need to worry about rain." Gabrielle
"If you have a heated towel rail chuck the clothes/nappies on the rails then drape a towel over top of the whole lot to trap the heat in and they will be 100% dry by morning. We don't have a heated rail in our house atm so just chuck on the clothes rack under the heat pump over night if its too wet outside." Alyssa-Jayne
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