Creating a Sassy Pants Nappy

I'm about to reveal the step-by-step process for how we create Sassy Pants.
Step 1
Step 1 is always to find out what our Sassy fans love the most. I look at the last few collections and see what has been the most popular. Is it the watercolour, hand-drawn ones, minimalist, animal prints - what are our customers loving right now???
I surveyed our Sassy Pants Nappy Lovers group to ask for suggestions for what they wanted to see...
I formulated a list of the types of patterns/colours you'd love to see. Then I look for an artist 🎨 that would work well with this particular print/style. We have quite a pool of artists now who are AMAZING. They are the reason that Sassy Pants is so popular, great prints!
Step 2
Ok, so one of the most popular requests for our nappies has been rabbits/bunnies. I had thought maybe some herbs as well.
Kate is such a wonderful artist. She's a Mum of 2 based in Auckland. She has created the golden bloom nappy as well as the tuataras. I asked her if she was keen to create the bunny artwork for this nappy.
leaf drawingsbunnies
She went out and collected some acorns and leaves from the garden and used them as inspiration in her drawings. That theme just fit so well (I've always wanted to have an acorn nappy as well).
Before going any further she sent me some photos to check whether she was on the right path with this nappy print.
Step 3
Kate our nappy print designer sent me 8 different colour suggestions for the winter nappy print.
I really wanted to create bunnies because that was one of the most popular suggestions from our Sassy fans.
Also, I don't see many bunny or acorn nappies in the NZ nappy market at the moment. I love this print because it's gender-neutral.
I wanted to have some earthy tones to really help bring this print the warmth and depth it needed to make an amazing pattern.
I narrowed down the colours to greys and browns. Kate has put things together to help me get some ideas for what may be the most popular. This is where I have to consider the other nappies in the collection so it feels cohesive with the colour range for our winter nappies.
Rabbit draft pics
I think the white drawing lines kind of get lost in the detail so I have made the decision to have some dark outline so all of Kate's drawing can be seen.
When you print onto fabric the colour can "bleed" a little bit.
Step 4
She has scanned her hand-drawn sketches and put them onto the computer as a repeating pattern. It has to be sent to the manufacturer as a repeating square tile along with the pantone colour. This describes to the factory printing the fabric what the colours are.
What we see on the screen may not be what they see on their screen so I have to be so super careful to get the colours perfect.
They have printed it onto fabric to check that there is no bleeding of the ink (and therefore the sketched lines look clear).
Here's the fabric photo they sent through for approval.
Bunnies fabric
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