Caitlyn's Baby Change Table


Checklist for cloth nappy change table

A changing table is one of those necessities when it comes to having a young baby. Having a “one stop shop” for those hundreds of nappy changes in that first year makes parent-life a little more manageable. When I was shopping around for changing tables, I wanted something with lots of storage for all the extras that come with our tiny babies.  

Caitlyn's timetable

In the bottom drawer of our changing table I keep extra cot sheets, blankets and change mat covers. The top drawer has a basket with Aubrey’s creams and oils and is also where we keep our disposable nappies and wipes. TOP TIP: keeping everything nice and organised makes those messy nappy changes so much easier as you know where everything is if you need it. 

items in the change table

We bought some more containers to keep our Sassy Pants nappies in and other cloths and bibs. Our cloth wipe station is very basic but is easy and works well for us. TOP TIP: have the things you use most often for nappy changes easily accessible to make changes quick and easy. 

Sassy Pants nappies

Changing nappies can be one of those mundane jobs that come with parenthood, but with an organised changing station and our beautiful Sassy Pant nappy prints, changing time becomes all the more enjoyable. The hardest part will be choosing what nappy to use next!

baby change table


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