How to ditch the daytime sleep nappy & avoid wee puddles in their bed

No more pull ups to bed

The old saying

"Rome wasn't built in a day"

totally applies to toilet training. What we know from families who are toilet training in Australia and New Zealand is that most are waiting until their kids are closer to 3 to start toilet training.

What that means is that potentially we are trying to break a well established habit of weeing and pooing in a nappy anytime, anywhere. Not surprisingly toileting behaviour does not always change within a weekend of toilet training.

To set your child up for success and make it more manageable it helps to toilet train your child in steps, waiting until your child has mastery of each step before continuing to the next one:

Step 1:

Find the best time when your child is ready to start. Use the 5 day challenge to warm them into toilet training, teaching the basic skills and concepts that they need to feel confident with going nappy free.

Step 2:

Encourage your child to go nappy free except for sleep times and using the toilet for wees and poos consistently.

Step 3:

Start monitoring afternoon sleep nappies. If they are waking up with some light wee tinkles or dry from a sleep then put them in Wee Pants: Absorbent Underwear with a booster pad

Step 4:

Start monitoring night time nappies and if they are waking up dry put your child to sleep each night in Wee Pants: Absorbent Underwear with 1-2 booster pads.

How do I know if my child is ready for Step 3? 

If your child is still wearing nappies for their afternoon sleep then this week check their nappy as soon as they wake up. 

Look at which best describes your child:

a: Their nappy is saturated

b: Their nappy has light tinkles or is slightly damp

c: Their nappy is dry

If you find that your child fits either b or c for about a week, they are giving you a sign that they have the bladder control that they need to hold onto urine and do it in the potty/toilet (rather than in their bed).

It is natural to feel a bit nervous as you doing don't want to end up with a child waking up in a puddle of wee. Or waking up early from their afternoon sleep and grumpy because their clothes are marinating wee.

That's where Wee Pants can be super useful. They absorb the little wee sprinkles that your child may do when they wake up as they run to the loo. Or they can absorb wees that kids do in their sleep. They absorb about 100ml by themselves but can hold more if you add a booster pad under the hammock. There is also the option of adding 2 booster pads, one on top of the hammock and the other under for extra absorbency.

 Wee Pants demonstration

Does my child have to be in a bed or cot when we start?

If you are going to abandon sleep time nappies for good, it does help that your child can get out of bed. That way they can wake up and go straight to the toilet or potty, instead of having to wait for you to carry them out of the cot.

How do I set them up for success?

The mind is a power tool and training their subconscious will really help to get them to be dry in their sleep. It is a great idea to get your child to practice what to do when they wake up which you can take photos of your child doing and put it on their bedroom door to help cue them with what to do before sleep time.

1. Before I go to sleep I double void ie do a wee, then have a story and wee again and put the Wee Pants on.

2. When I wake up, I call for Mummy or Daddy or caregiver.

3. I go to the toilet and do my wees. If I have wet underwear I put them in the basket in the laundry. If not then I keep wearing underwear.

4. We have stories or an afternoon snack

What should I do if my child goes to daycare and has a sleep there?

Start by putting your child in Wee Pants with a booster pad when ever they have a sleep at home. If they consistently wake up dry and things are going well then your early childhood teacher can put them in Wee Pants for their sleep as well.

What happens if my child floods their underwear?

It is well worth being prepared with a mattress protector just in case. As Wee Pants are not a nappy they will not be able to hold multiple wee accidents. If this continues to happen then it is a sign that your child is not ready to go nappy free just yet and you will need to keep monitoring their nappies until they are ready.

Check out the super useful booster pads HERE