6 tips to help your baby or toddler foster a love of reading

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Kids love to have your undivided attention and reading creates those special bonding times which are the building blocks for your child’s brain development.

In this episode, Laura talks about 6 tips for developing your child’s brain through fostering a love of reading. 

  1. Build a habit

Model the process of reading so your kids think that reading is something you value. Have baskets of books easily accessible in different rooms of the house. Create a cosy reading space and position your baby so they can see your face as well as the book while you’re reading. Pop a book out during tummy time so they are starting to see books around the house from early on.

2. Choose rhyming books

Kids love books that have a rhythm and repetition. Choosing books that go beyond one word per page makes it far more engaging and fun for your little one.

3. High 5 for reading

Don’t fall into the trap of turning to every page and asking questions. It’s not preparation for a year 12 English exam. If you can point out 4 things that you see in the picture then ask a question you are building vocabulary and language development. It also feels more relaxed.

4. Build listening comprehension and imagination

Have you tried an audio book with your toddler? If you are in the car or at quiet time I encourage you to introduce audio books to your child. They are so much fun. They foster imagination and build listening comprehension. To find out more about quiet time for older toddlers have a listen to the podcast chat here

5. Create photo books

Print out photos of a favourite experience or different family members and create a book for your child to cherish. Not only do they love to read but it takes on a new level of awesome when the pictures include ones of themselves.

6. Make up stories

Tell a story each day. Your child will love watching your animated face and funny voice expressions as you tell a story to your child. If they are super wriggly using bathtime can be a good time to tell a story using the bath toys or just enjoying an engaging story that you tell them. 

You may wish to tell a story during nappy change time to keep them looking and engaged with your face.

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